2016-10-12 10:30:27 by ginnyiell

i really like to help/support Newgrounds by giving a bucks but im really busy at school and i dont own a credit card damnnn. im also having a hard time to be active in this community. :( college life sucks huh. i cant even submit some artworks that i made because its hard to upload via phone. i lost my phone so im in my desktop rn... sucks :( having a unfortunate events came lately... this semester really sucks. i dont like it.

H E L L O ! !

2016-06-26 09:59:53 by ginnyiell

so it's been a while since i played games/checked this website. I'm so busy at school, anw i am a third year college now. wow~! just wow. am i so too old to play games? please say no hahaha. just wasting my time here hahaha. i miss summer already. i don't want to study yet, i'm not emotionally and physically ready for this. HA and i'm kinda broke so... i really need to go to school for my allowance. shhh :D :D silly me.  ANYWAY i'm just nagging/complaining of having such a boring life. lol heyy if you check my profile. let's be friends gal/bruh just click any links in yo left. chat me don't be shy. just message with a " Hi " and let's talk hahaha btw because this is a game website. you can add me on steam : ginnyiell .  as usual username of mine. Have fun gaming friends :)


- Gee


2015-12-29 11:07:05 by ginnyiell

12:01am December 30, 2015

wow , time flies so fast isn't it? i thank all of my friends, families and everyone arounds me, so much love. 2015 gives me happiness, luck, love and more. in NG, i want to thank creators of games that made my boredom disappear. i want to thank also artist, GREAT artist who submitted their cool artworks. i love it, you guys gave me inspiration. i can draw, but i'm like a traditional one, i don't use like adobe illustration, i am more in pencil :D haha. also the musics submitted here is relaxing and made me calm the days that i need some refreshing music.


so let us all START a new book of our lives, be happy and contented of what we have.


ALMOST 9 Months

2015-04-19 05:20:04 by ginnyiell

wow time flies so fast do yah? lols. hi guys , hi newgrounds , good to be back. so busy.. the last time i played here when i was highschool , i think 2nd yr or 3rd yr when i was started playing, specifically.. i'm now a 2nd year college. so i'm kinda busy yah know studying hard for the future lol. but still i'm a gamer :) and hey hey i'm turning 17 tomorrow. whut? good for me you know. haha so nice to be back. i suddenly forgot my password here, thank me i have my new email attach in it so i log in fast not like before. i have old email and many website have been attached in it and suddenly someone hacked that account so oh my god. so guys be secure to your accounts m'kay? :D love lots to all gamers there .




2014-08-27 06:26:03 by ginnyiell

Hell yea! finally i have an account in NG.

actually i played many games here in NG. but i don't like to create an account. i thought i will never play a game in this website again. honestly, i play games on the different website such as: kongrete,mousecity,notodppler,agame, etc. etc. 

i'm always bored by the way, so i played a lot of games. i like funny games, adventure, tower defense, point and click and escape games. the worst category i really don't like is HORROR. i don't like jumpscares duhh~

i played games like watch_dogs , murdered soul suspect, south park , nba2k14 , minecraft , Wolf among us , walking dead , prototype 1 & 2 , etc.  . . .  . and also mobile games, i am a level 20 wanderer at google play xD haha i just want to share. 

OBVIOUSLY ! ! i'm a gamer. a female gamer , pardon me.

free to comment, WE CAN BE FRIENDS. no hate please, no bad comments. feel free to share anything with me.

derp derp - - -