Entry #1


2014-08-27 06:26:03 by ginnyiell

Hell yea! finally i have an account in NG.

actually i played many games here in NG. but i don't like to create an account. i thought i will never play a game in this website again. honestly, i play games on the different website such as: kongrete,mousecity,notodppler,agame,bored.com etc. etc. 

i'm always bored by the way, so i played a lot of games. i like funny games, adventure, tower defense, point and click and escape games. the worst category i really don't like is HORROR. i don't like jumpscares duhh~

i played games like watch_dogs , murdered soul suspect, south park , nba2k14 , minecraft , Wolf among us , walking dead , prototype 1 & 2 , etc.  . . .  . and also mobile games, i am a level 20 wanderer at google play xD haha i just want to share. 

OBVIOUSLY ! ! i'm a gamer. a female gamer , pardon me.

free to comment, WE CAN BE FRIENDS. no hate please, no bad comments. feel free to share anything with me.

derp derp - - - 




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2014-09-02 00:29:21

ok thats very nice.