ALMOST 9 Months

2015-04-19 05:20:04 by ginnyiell

wow time flies so fast do yah? lols. hi guys , hi newgrounds , good to be back. so busy.. the last time i played here when i was highschool , i think 2nd yr or 3rd yr when i was started playing, specifically.. i'm now a 2nd year college. so i'm kinda busy yah know studying hard for the future lol. but still i'm a gamer :) and hey hey i'm turning 17 tomorrow. whut? good for me you know. haha so nice to be back. i suddenly forgot my password here, thank me i have my new email attach in it so i log in fast not like before. i have old email and many website have been attached in it and suddenly someone hacked that account so oh my god. so guys be secure to your accounts m'kay? :D love lots to all gamers there .




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2015-05-02 22:42:13

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had fun :)

(Updated ) ginnyiell responds:

Oh Thank you, even tho its late i appreciate it ^^ thanks Moosh
and by the way, keep up the creative games and arts. ciao :)